• Social Media, Social Fucking Media

    Daniel Hall

    Daniel Hall is living the dream. How many people do you know ride the line between business and personal aspirations? Melding their love for music with their love for connecting relationships, then turning it into a paycheck? Yeah, Daniel has been working in the music industry for over 20 years, starting out as an American […]

  • social fucking media

    The Philosophy

    Social Fucking Media is exactly what it means. You’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. It’s a beast and a burden. It’s your very best friend who loves you one minute. Then, unfollows you the next. Love or hate it, it has become a standard in the world of business marketing. Rule […]

  • social fucking media

    The Team

    Social Fucking Media is directed by Daniel Hall,setting out to battle the ever-changing war between Man and machine, follows and unfollows, friends vs foes. Social media can be intimidating and fearful. That is, if you allow it to scare the shit out of you. However, this team will devise a strategy rooted in your goals […]

  • Three Corgis on Instagram

    @ThreeCorgis aka Three Corgis on Instagram

    @ThreeCorgis was starting on Instagram at the end of 2011, as result of  dumping the Google phone for an iPhone 5.  Imagine that.  With the amazing camera lens and ease of microblogging, the account has grown to an amazing 99.9k followers (Dec 2015). Hard work and dedication was just the start.  Once the Corgis were chosen […]

  • RidingEasy Records on Instagram

    RidingEasy Records

    RidingEasy Reords was started February 2013, as @EasyRiderRecord.  Initially, it was a repository account of vinyl record sales.  As the advent of humor and classic rock culture grew, with the added momentum of social media, the record label was born. Goals and Objectives The main objective for @EasyRiderRecords is consumer sales through audience engagement.  As […]

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